ZUNSPORT Subaru Impreza Bug Eye 2001-2003 Driving Lamp Protectors

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Zunsport compatible with Subaru Impreza Bug Eye - Driving Lamp Protectors (2001 to 2002)

Finding a grille to suit your Subaru Impreza Bug Eye - Driving Lamp Protectors isn’t always easy, but here at Zunsport, we stock an extensive range of high-quality grilles so every customer who calls on us for assistance can find the product they are looking for.

This has been designed and developed to deliver an aesthetically pleasing look, ease of fitting, and essential protection from road detritus and leaves.

Utilizing premium stainless steel woven wire mesh, each and every grille supplied by Zunsport is the product of quality materials and craftsmanship, and all grilles are guaranteed for the lifetime of your vehicle.

It must be noted that this grille is comprised of the stainless steel grille and the means of fixing it to your vehicle, It does not include any replacement body parts.

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