Welcome to Twenty 20 Racing. We're an Australian supplier of the best performance parts for Subaru's. Based in the NSW Hunter Valley, we import and distribute a huge range of parts to make your car look good and go fast!
Our story begins in 2010 when I (Jay) started building my AE86 Turbo track car. That car lead me on my path and efforts to pursue club level motorsports. I have competed in everything from Hillclimb, Motorkana and Supersprint/Time attack.
In 2019 after a few years off the track, We decided to buy a GC8, (close to my 30th car) although this would never be
registered. I’ve owned Turbo Foresters, a VL Turbo (with an RB25), three R32 Skylines one being a GTR. Although well equipped, the Subaru needed some work. A lot of work. We started researching high quality performance parts for Subaru's. We found that supply in Australia wasn't great. We contacted some suppliers over seas to import some parts. Working with local engineers and fabricators we managed to develop the rest. Turning direction two degrees by two degrees our Subaru WRX is performing! We still haven't completed a full championship season. But we do finish each track day at the pointy end of the stick. Often in the top 3. Which is great for a car only making 230 Kilowatts! Not bad for 230kw! You can find all the information about our build by clicking here.
We stand by the products we sell, we have to, we use them in our car. If they're not good enough for our car they're not good enough for us to sell to you.