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All seats/mounts/harnesses and accessories should be professionally installed 

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SPARCO Grid Q Motorsport seat ( ~7kg - suits up to 32”-38" waist)

The Sparco Grid-Q QRT seat features the latest lightweight QRT technology, reducing the weight of the seat compared to the previous generation models with no compromise to safety or structure. The Sparco Grid-Q race seat features high mobility due to the reduced bulk under the shoulders. The seat is made up of pads fixed with Velcro that can be moved and reposition for optimum driver fitment and comfort. Compatible with a 6-point harness.

Homologation: FIA 8855-1999 Approved

  • Lightweight QRT fibreglass technology
  • Non-slip fabric for shoulder and seat restraint
  • Divisible leg rest and seat cushion
  • Fixed using 290mm spaced lateral fastenings
  • Available in Black Velour or Black Vinyl

 sku : SC008009RNR

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