Turbo Charger Upgrade GTX2867R Subaru WRX/STI / Forester EJ20 Single Scroll

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This custom built GCG GTX2867R is designed as a Bolt-On Upgrade Turbocharger for Single Scroll Subaru EJ20/EJ25 Engines.

This Turbocharger is a direct replacement for the Single Scroll TD04L factory Turbochargers, and also Single Scroll STi Turbochargers (VF22, VF34, VF35 etc).

  • Bearing Type: Ball Bearing
  • Cooling System: Oil & Water Cooled
  • Horsepower: 200 - 450hp
  • Application: Subaru Impreza WRX /STi / Forester EJ20/EJ25
  • Actuator: GCG Billet 14.7psi (supplied with additional 5psi spring to bring the minimum boost preset to 19psi if required)
  • Expected Power: 200 - 240awkw with supporting modifications.

Product Features:

  • Turbine Housing - 7cm2 Turbine Housing allows for good mid-range and top-end power on modified 2.0L engines, and even greater response and power on 2.5L engines.
  • Factory Turbo Orientation - Oil Feed, Oil Drain, and Water Lines are all included, and the orientation is in an identical position to the factory setup, allowing for easy re-fitment.
  • Factory Turbo Position - These Turbochargers still look very similar to a factory unit, and utilize the factory manifold, and exhaust system.
  • Ultimate Boost Control - GCG Billet Actuator with spring options allows for a number of different preset boost combinations.
  • Supporting Re-Fitment Parts - Exhaust studs, locking nuts for the dump pipe, and a complete turbocharger gasket kit is included.

Product Notes:

  • Oil and Waterline kit is supplied, suits only MOST applications due to the varying nature of models
  • Modifications may be required when adapting Drive-By-Wire to early model vehicles.
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