Subaru Impreza 96-00 2DR Rear Quarter Surround Trim Full Seal Kit

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It is for both window frames

Each of these kits allows you to replace the little edge seals fitted to the rear quarter window surrounds. Due to the age of the car, these seals need replacing as they have gone brittle and start to crack and drop off or even missing altogether. These were never available from Subaru to purchase and the actual surroundings have long been discontinued. The only option so far on the market is to replace these seals with universal u channel rubber but it never looks the same.

We have had all the individual seals reproduced from scratch to offer the only kit on the market today. Each rear quarter surround uses 6 different profile seals and we have these made to the exact same spec as OEM.

All seals are made from UV-resistant EPDM rubber so will last just as long or outlast the OEM counterpart.

The kit supplied allows for all the seals to be replaced on both sides. The kit will need gluing to the surrounds and seals joining together like they are from the factory, clear-drying adhesive, The sealing strips will be cut slightly over the size needed so these will need trimming down to the correct size.

Our kit will include 4 main correct profiles and 4 new corner pieces to do the job correctly.

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