Subaru Impreza 00-07 Side Skirt Protector Seal Trim Kit

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Subaru Impreza 00-07 Side Skirt Protector Seal Trim Kit

1x Body Side Skirt Protector Seal Kit
The Kit includes 2 sections of trim, cut slightly longer than the side skirt

Please select from Black, White, Or Silver

These are no longer available from Subaru, so we have had them reproduced as per the original in the 3 colors, Black, White & Grey/Silver.

These seal has been reproduced from the original profile using an original item, using the best PVC quality material, the fitting of these is as Subaru intended 20+ years ago.

You will need to use a high-quality clear-drying super glue to fix the seals in place or a Polyurethane adhesive. The original Subaru seal had small notches cut out of the ends of them, to allow the seal to sit completely flat where they join together. Our seal will be supplied in4 lengths pre-cut slightly larger than the side skirt, so they will need trimming down.

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