Subaru EZ30 Timing Chain Kit With Water Pump

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This is a full kit for replacing the timing chain and water pump on your Mark 2 EZ30D (commonly referred to as the EZ30R) engine. 

Due to how easy it is to end up with stripped timing chain guide bolts and cover bolts, this kit comes with a replacement for all the internal hex drive bolts.

Kit includes:

10982AA000 Washer, Cylinder Head Sealing x1 
806738200 Oil Seal x1
806944050 Seal O Ring x1
800406080 Bolt-Socket x16
800406030 Bolt-Socket x8
800406070 Bolt-Socket x16
010406140 Flange Bolt x7
010406300 Flange Bolt x4
13146AA090 Sprocket Complete-Idler x1
13149AA001 Shaft-Idler Sprocket x2
13146AA080 Sprocket Complete-Idler x1
13144AA021 Guide-Timing Chain x1
13144AA090 Guide-Timing Chain x1
13142AA020 Tensioner-Chain x1
13141AA001 Lever Complete-Chain Tensioner x1
13158AA001 Shaft-Tensioner Lever x2
13144AA051 Guide-Timing Chain x1
13142AA030 Tensioner-Chain x1
13144AA031 Guide-Timing Chain x1
13141AA012 Lever Complete-Chain Tensioner x1
13144AA012 Guide-Timing Chain x1
800406100 Bolt-Socket x6
13143AA041 Chain-Timing x1
13143AA051 Chain-Timing x1
21110AA360 Water Pump Assembly x1
806982030 Seal O Ring x1

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