Subaru 'EJ' Block Rebuild Gasket Kit & Bolts

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Cylinder Block Rebuild Kit.

Suitable for all 2.0ltr and 2.5ltr cylinder blocks / short engine rebuilds

This kit includes all the necessary gaskets, bolts.
Parts included in the kit are as follows:

X18 Block Case Bolts
X14 Sump Bolts
X6 Dowety Seal Washers
X1 Front Crank Oil Seal
X1 Rear Crank Oil Seal
X3 "Black" Cylinder Block O Rings
X1 "Orange" Cylinder Block O Ring
X2 Water Crossover pipe O Rings
X1 "Black" Oil Pump Gallery O Ring
X2 Dipstick Tube O Rings
X1 Oil Pick Up Pipe O-Ring
X1 Sump O Ring
X1 Water Pump gasket
X3 Piston Pin Access Hole Aluminium Seals


10991AA001 11034AA010 11122AA340 21114AA051


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