STI Pink Spring Set for ZC BRZ

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ST20330AS000 Front x2
ST20380AS000 Rear  x2

In order to match with the stock damper installed as standard, the specifications are set by thoroughly repeating the driving test. The settings have been boiled down and finished to lower the center of gravity and improve handling stability without compromising ride comfort.
Along with the roll reduction effect by reducing the vehicle height by about 15 mm compared to the standard model, the silhouette of the BRZ is tightened to a sportier look.

* For standard front struts.
* If the vehicle weight is different, the front-rear balance will deteriorate, so it cannot be installed on non-applicable models.
* The vehicle height is lowered by about 15 mm compared to the standard vehicle height (when the vehicle is empty), but the amount of change in vehicle height may vary depending on the vehicle.

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