RPG Carbon RPG Vacuum Form Carbon STi Wing Support Blade

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RPG Vacuum Form Carbon Fiber STi Wing Support Blade 


04-07 GD Chassis STi Spoiler
11-14 GV Chassis STi Spoiler
15-22 VA Chassis STi Spoiler



Vacuum Form Production Progress with Selection of difference Carbon Fiber Weave Finish.

-All RPG products are handcrafted with uniqueness. Made to order, built in house at RPG owned Factory.

- Vacuum Form Production Progress -> Light Weight, Rigid and Strong

-Increase Spoiler stability and rigidity during movement under airstream strike.

As RPG Carbon parts are made to order please allow a month from placing your order for production and shipping to occur. 

PLEASE NOTE: ALL PARTS ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY unless stock level indicated on product page.