RPG Carbon Road Rage RR-50 Vacuum Form FRP Hood Vent Heat Extractor Set

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RPG RoadRage RR Vacuum Form FRP Hood Vent Heat Extractor Set


All Model



50 x 12 cm ( L x W)



Vacuum Form Production Progress with Pre-Weaved Fiberglass



- All RPG products are handcrafted with uniqueness. Made to order, built in house at RPG owned Factory.

- Vacuum Form Production Progress -> Light Weight, Rigid and Strong

- Any excessive heat under engine bay can cause major damage to our expensive precious parts. These Hood Vent can produce a good air flow channel help transfer away unwanted heat. Not only extend engine life but maintain performance.



Installed and Item pictures are for reference only. This is for Fiberglass version RR Hood Vent Set.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL PARTS ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY unless stock level indicated on product page.