Rare SG5 OEM Option Tailgate Handle E7517SA000

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This is a rare JDM option part. These are brand new and colour matched.

Your colour code can be found on the build plate in the engine bay.

01G Premium Silver Metallic 

51E Pure White/Aspen White 

22W Cayenne Red Pearl

18L Graphite Black Pearl

93H Champagne Gold Metallic

21J Zenith Blue Metallic

23W Pacifica Blue Metallic

29W Woodland Green Pearl

32J Obsidian Black Pearl

39J Champagne Gold Metallic

47W Aqua Blue Metallic

35J Regal Blue Pearl

48W Crystal Grey Metallic

02C World Rally Blue Mica


If you have a two-tone car, the codes are as follows to have the handle match the main tailgate colour:
2C3 = 23W Pacifica Blue

2C2 = 22W Cayenne Red Metallic

2C6 = 29W Woodland Green Pearl

4N8 = 35J Regal Blue Pearl

4L8 = 51E Pure White/Aspen White

4L9 = 39J Champagne Gold Metallic

0J3 = 01G Premium Silver Metallic

2J1 = 22W Cayenne Red Pearl

2G3 = 18L Graphite Black Pearl

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