Nuke Performance Fuel Filter Slim 10 / 100 micron AN-10

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Nuke Performance high flow inline slim-series fuel filters, available with 10 and 100-micron filter elements in both cellulose and stainless steel. Slim design to fit installations where space is an issue.
This lightweight in-line high-flow fuel filter, with its new improved light-weight design, is equipped with either a classic cellulose filter element for petrol or with the unique Nuke Performance welded fuel filter insert that is 100% proof for alcoholic fuels such as ethanol.

 Lightweight slim-design motorsports in-line fuel filter
 Safe for all type of fuels, including ethanol and methanol
 Available with welded stainless steel filter elements
 Now with AN-10 ORB, for the highest possible flow
 Over 60 sq. inches of filtering area
 750 LPH, high flow with close to no flow loss
 Available with both 10 and 100-micron inserts

The Nuke Performance Slim-series fuel filters are suitable for those with high demands for fuel flow and maximum filtration. The Nuke Performance high-quality fuel filters act like a affordable insurance that protects your engine and should never be overlooked, without proper filtration it does not take long before something goes very wrong in your setup.


 Choose the right filter elements to fit your needs and fuel, available with inserts for both petrol and alcoholic fuels
The high-flow slim series fuel filters are delivered with either a classic cellulose 10-micron fuel filter insert, these inserts are affordable and easy to replace for your petrol setup. When running alcoholic fuels, such as ethanol, methanol, and race fuels, you should choose one of our unique welded fuel filter elements that are available in 10-micron and 100-micron. These elements are now made of 100% stainless steel with unique welded end caps that exclude the common glue that can dissolve when changing from petrol to ethanol or when running aggressive fuels such as race fuel. When running the new upgraded fuel filters from Nuke Performance you do not have to worry about failing filter elements ever again.


 10-micron cellulose element for petrol / gasoline
 10-micron stainless steel element for all types of fuel
 100-micron stainless steel element for all types of fuel

The new improved slim design grants high flow with close to no flow loss even when running high flowing high-pressure fuel pumps such as Deatschwerks DW400 and Ti Automotive GST450 / GST 520 (Walbro) fuel pumps. Also suitable for brushless fuel pump setups.


 When running alcoholic fuels, choose the right fuel filter version to fit your filtration needs
When running ethanol, methanol, or other alcoholic fuels, you should always go with our stainless steel filter elements as these have a long life and trouble-free functionality. We strongly recommend cleaning the internal filter element once a season, and if you use the cellulose filter elements you should change this every month to prevent it to dissolve when being used.
Alcoholic fuels = stainless steel insert. Petrol / Gasoline = cellulose or stainless steel insert. Diesel = cellulose or stainless steel insert.

Nuke Performance also offers the same fuel filter inserts in a series of fuel filters with integrated brackets, same functionality in a nice and functional design with integrated stainless steel brackets. And for those who need a fuel filter with higher flow capacity, greater filtration area, Nuke Performance offers the Nuke Performance PF200 10-micron high-performance fuel filter.


 Easy and accessible mounting with a wide variety of options
To mount the Slim-series fuel filters from Nuke Performance it's recommended that you go with the Nuke Performance Fuel Filter Bracket that is available in a single or dual design to fit your every filtering need. The universal, lightweight, billet bracket from Nuke Performance comes with a variation of inserts to fit your fuel filters and also fuel pumps such as the popular in-line fuel pumps such as Bosch 044, Deatschwerks DW350il, etc. Make sure to place your fuel filter at a safe location that prevents the filter from being deformed in case of an accident. We also offer an affordable and simpler bracket solution with two stainless steel p-clamp brackets that fit perfectly together with Nuke Performance fuel filters.


 Now with over-dimensioned AN-10 ORB fuel line fittings
Overdimensioned AN-10 inlet/outlet threads made for the highest fuel flow capacity possible. Since 2021 our fuel filters are now ready to use AN-10 ORB fittings for the highest possible flow and available in a large variation. Additional AN-10 ORB to AN-6, AN-8, AN-10, and AN-12 fittings are sold separately as accessories.


 Complete your high flow fuel system with Nuke Performance Full Flow series fuel lines, hose ends, and fittings
Nuke Performance offers a wide variation of both PTFE and nitrile fuel line systems for your every fueling need. The Nuke Performance Fuel Filter Slim 10 / 100 micron AN-10  is a perfect match to the Nuke Performance Full Flow-series fuel lines. Available in AN-4 to AN-12 and in a wide variation of available fittings and accessories. And with the handy selection of fuel line tools, it has never been as easy to assembly your fuel system.


 Developed upon high demands from worldwide motorsports
Made in Sweden and co-developed with worldwide motorsports teams, this lineup of fuel filters has never stopped evolving. Always ready to give you maximum function, filtration, and quality even in demanding conditions. The Nuke Performance Slim-series fuel filters are made with the same hallmark as all other parts in the lightweight Nuke Performance motorsports range.

There is no substitute for the quality of Nuke Performance!


 Nuke Performance Fuel Filter Slim 10 / 100 micron AN-10 Specifications
For more information about specifications, contact us directly.

 10-micron cellulose Part # 200-02-201 (insert # 200-10-101)
 10-micron stainless steel Part # 200-02-203 (insert # 200-10-105)
 100-micron stainless steel Part # 200-02-202 (insert # 200-10-102)
 Fuel compatibility Gasoline, Methanol, Ethanol, Diesel*
 Length 144mm (5.67")
 Diameter Ø 55mm (2.16”)
 Inlet thread AN-10 ORB, view range
 Outlet thread AN-10 ORB, view range
 Weight 450g - 750g (0.9-1.6lb)*
 Filter area 60 sq. in
 Work pressure / Max pressure 8 BAR (116 PSI) / 21 BAR (305 PSI)
 Flow capacity 750 LPH
 Pressure drop ≈0.15 BAR (≈2.17 PSI)

 * depending on fuel filter version


 Nuke Performance Fuel Filter Slim 10 / 100 micron AN-10 Includes:
1 x Fuel Filter housing with AN-10 ORB threads
1 x Fuel Filter insert of choice

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