Kein GC8 Stiff Kit

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This performance-focused kit increases vehicle stability, control and response with a complete GC8 chassis stiffening and engine mounting kit from Kein Fab. Tightening up the suspension connections, this kit produces greater traction and improved handling.

Kein Fab Central Floor Brace for SUBARU IMPREZA KSUB029

Kein Fab Engine Mount Set EJ KSUB001

Kein Fab Fender Reinforcement Brace Subaru Impreza 1992-2000 KSUB014 

Kein Fab Rear Diff Mount Support Bar Impreza 93-00 KSUB016

Kein Fab Subaru Pitch Stop Mount KSUB010

Kein Fab Subaru Transmission Mount 5 Speed KSUB003

Kein Fab Rear Underside Power Brace Subaru Impreza KSUB017



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