Kein Fab Subaru Transmission Mount 5/6 Speed BLACK | WRX, STI, Liberty

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High-quality transmission mounts. These are a great upgrade over the stock rubber bushings, will decrease gearbox movement, and give you a more connected feel to your car. 

More accurate launches during drag racing and autocross-type events with reduced drivetrain slop. 

They are much stronger transmission mounts compared to stock, fully interlocked instead of bonded rubber as OEM, and have virtually no chance of failing. A good alternative to GroupN Mounts or similar. 


  •  Eliminates wheel hop/traction loss
  •  Made out of steel K02001/ K02502
  •  Street and track torture tested 
  •  Polymer painting (all colors) 
  •  65A durometer rubber bushings 
  •  5 years Warranty 
  •  Bolts with approximately 50kN

These will transmit more vibration/noise compared to the soft stock rubber. 

These mounts will fit 2014-2021 WRX, 2001-2021 STI, 2003-2009 Legacy GT

Replaces OEM Part Numbers:

41022AA180, 41022AC180, 41022AA220, 41022AC170, 41022AA320, 41022AC040, 41022AC170, 41022FE020


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