KEIN Fab Rear Diff Mount Support Bar Impreza 93-00, Liberty 93-98, Forester 97-05

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KEIN rear diff support bar eliminates ALL movement of the rear differential. By bolting this unit onto the backside of the rear sub-frame, the brace will support the rear differential. This takes the job away from the soft stock bushings which deflect under hard acceleration. Improvement will instantly be felt in acceleration, throttle response, and improved control of the car when using the throttle to help rotation. The Brace bolts onto existing factory holes, making this a quick and easy install. However, be warned that in-cabin drivetrain noise will increase slightly due to the nature of eliminating rubber OEM diff carriers.
• Eliminates wheel hop/traction loss
• Made out of steel K02001/ K02502
• Street and track torture tested
• Polymer painting (all colors)
• 65A durometer rubber bushings
• 5 years Warranty
• Bolts with a strength of approximately 50 kN.

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