Fuji Racing Magnetic Sump Plug

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The Fuji Racing magnetic sump plug is a simple yet efficient tool that can dramatically increase your engine’s lifespan.

As an engine wears it becomes inevitable that tiny metallic particles will make their way around your engine via the oil system. These particles can spend thousands of miles traveling over sensitive components such as your crankshaft bearings or camshaft caps, slowly contributing to increased engine wear.

Our magnetic sump plugs help to trap such particles, therefore cleansing your oil to carry out lubrication and limit wear.


The Fuji Magnetic Sump Plug is produced from T6061 aluminum and laser etched with the seal of approval in the form of the Fuji logo.

In addition, the body of the plug is drilled to allow a lock wire fitment to the sump, ensuring the plug cannot unwind itself no matter the circumstance.

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