Fuji Racing Cast Tumbler Generator Valve TGV Delete Kit

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The Fuji Racing TGV Delete’s do not contain any butterfly valves, sensors, or motors and allow for a smooth, which increases the airflow into the cylinder heads. Not only does removing the butterfly valves increase flow, but these are also port matched to the cylinder heads which also helps reduce turbulence into the cylinder heads.






The TGV’s main purpose is to reduce emissions from cold idle to meet EU emissions regulations Whilst this may be good for the environment it does little to aid the performance of your car and it’s not uncommon for the sensors and motors to fail (mainly cracking due to the heat of the engine) which can be an expensive job to replace




Suitable for the following models:


Subaru Impreza 2000 – 2005 Cable Throttle ONLY ECU recalibration will be needed to remove CEL once these are fitted


If you are unsure of fitment or application then please contact us with your vehicle's chassis number.










2 x Cast Alloy TGV Delete Bodies

2 x Inlet Manifold To TGV Gaskets

2 x TGV To Cylinder Head Gaskets

8 x TGV Mount Bolts

12 x Inlet To TGV Mount Bolts

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