EJ257 Short Block Assy (STI MY08-21)

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This is a genuine Subaru EJ257 2.5 liter short block. This short block is standard equipment on the 2006+ Australian STI. The 2.5 liter block makes a great upgrade for all WRX models since there is no replacement for displacement. The Australian STI block features a semi-closed deck for increased strength. This motor is physically a bolt-in for all WRX and STi models (WRXs will require ECU tuning, bigger injectors, etc.).

1. THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE MOTOR: This is a fully assembled bottom end, which consists of a block, crank, rods, and pistons only. You will need to reuse your stock cylinder heads or purchase replacements.
2. The OEM 2.0L WRX heads will bolt-on on to the 2.5L short block, but there will be a change in compression.
3. For high-powered applications, we recommend replacing the cast OEM pistons in this block with Mahle Forged OEM-size units.

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