PT Motorsport Tesa Tape – 51608 – PET Fleece Tape

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  • Tesa Cloth tape
  • Reduces noise of harnesses moving or vibrating against panels
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Tearable by hand
  • 19mm wide
  • 25 Meters long
  • -40 °C to 105 °C temperature range
  • Ideal for use in cabin and passenger compartment

PET fleece tape for flexibility and noise damping

Product description

Tesa® 51608 is a PET fleece wire harness tape with a rubber based adhesive.

Major Features:

  • Noise damping
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Handtearable

Color: Available in black

Application Fields

Tesa® 51608 is designed for the passenger compartment, providing flexibility and noise damping.

PT Motorsport will deploy the use of this tape when integrating with an OEM or OEM style harness, to minimise visual impact of the additional wiring harness installation, while providing a robust and reliable wire sheathing.

Product Construction


Type of adhesive rubber based
Total thickness 280 µm
Backing material PET fleece


Properties / Performance Values


Elongation at break 20 %
Abrasion resistance (5mm mandrel) Class A (acc. to LV312)
Noise damping (LV312) C
Temperature resistance (3000h) 105 °C
Tensile strength 40 N/cm
Temperature resistance min. -40 °C
Unwind force (roll width ≤ 9mm) 9 N/roll (30 m/min)
Unwind force (roll width > 9mm) 9 N/roll (30 m/min)
Abrasion resistance (10mm mandrel) Class B (acc. to LV312)



Adhesion to steel 3 N/cm

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