AnglomOil Coolant Engine Concentrate – Green 5L

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Anglomoil Engine Coolant is a Long Life Concentrated Anti-Freeze/ Anti-Boil Corrosion Inhibitor.
It is recommended for the protection of cooling systems of petrol and diesel engines operating
in all conditions.

Anglomoil Engine Coolant uses hybrid technology which is a mix of organic and inorganic
additives. Its advantage is that the corrosion-inhibiting product is less likely to break down with
extended use. This allows maximum corrosion and anti-freeze/anti-boil protection for up to
250,000Km or Four years.


Mix Ratio Makes Boils at Freezes at
33.3% 1 litre makes 3 litres 127 ˚C -18 ˚C
50% 1 litre makes 2 litres 132 ˚C -37 ˚C

Makes 10 litres at 50% dilution
Makes 15 litres at 33.3% dilution

Use in automotive cooling systems at the minimum rate of 33% coolant to 67% water or for optimum performance, 50% coolant to 50% water.

Australian/New Zealand Standard 2108, GM 1825M and 1899M, Ford ESE-M97844-A, JIS 2234, Cummins 92T8-9.


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