AnglomOil RoadMaster Titanium Synthetic Oil 5W/40 20L

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RoadMaster Titanium 5W/30 & 5W/40 are Ultra High performance synthetic passenger car engine oils blended to today’s most advanced light diesel and petrol engine lubricant specifications. RoadMaster Titanium is catalyst compatible and can be used in vehicles fitted with catalytic converters, Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) and Three Way Catalyst (TWC ). Roadmaster Titanium provides improved soot dispersancy and soot related wear protection, improved oxidative stability and deposit performance as well as excellent piston deposit control.


High performance petrol, light diesel and rotary engines,

API SN, CF Diesel, ACEA C2/C3 A3/B4, BMW Longlife-2004, Mercedes Benz 229.31 & 229.51, Porsche, and Volkswagen VW 50200, 50500, 50501

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