Brembo Front and Rear Caliper Refresh Kit (Subaru Gold Brembos)

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Have your Subaru Brembo brakes seen better days? If you've got a GD STI or TbSTI Liberty with the Brembo 4 pot fronts and 2 pot rears then this kit is exactly what you need. A full seal kit for all the calipers, new brake pad mounting hardware and all the other bits and pieces needed to overhaul your brakes so that they are as good as new!

This kit includes:

Front Brakes
1x Repair Kit, 26297FE010
1x Pad Fitting Kit, ICP13400
4x Mounting Bolt, 901120103
4x Bleed Nipple, 26238FE001
4x Bleed Nipple Cover, 26241FE000

1x Front Pads, Intima IN1678SR or IN1678RR

Rear Brakes
1x Repair Kit, 26697FE000
1x Pad Fitting Kit, ICP13401

4x Mounting Bolt, 901120102
4x Bleed Nipple, 26238FE001
4x Bleed Nipple Cover, 26241FE000

1x Rear Pads, Intima IN1521SR 


Brake Pads:

You can choose between Intima SR or Intima RR pads for the front brake pads. Both options come with the Intima SR pads for the rear.

SR are a Street and Track oriented pad
- 0°-600°C operating temperature
- Ultimate stopping power with low noise
- Proven high performer in all environments


RR are a Circuit and Track oriented pad
- 50°c to 800°c degrees operating temperature
- 0.38 – 0.60µ friction coefficient range
- 100% Non-Asbestos Carbon Metallic Formula
- Scorched for improved bed-in
- Suitable for street use

F&R Accessories
Boxer Beauty Decals
There are Decal options for the OEM style or just a logo rear style


Logo Rear:

Please note that this kit does not include the crossover o-rings required for splitting the calipers in half.


PLEASE NOTE: ALL PARTS ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY unless stock level indicated on product page.