AnglomOil Transmission LS (Limited Slip Diff) SAE 90 GL5 20L

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A high performance extreme pressure gear oil containing friction modifiers. Designed for use in limited slip differentials to provide effective lubrication and eliminate chatter and squawk from the friction clutches. Suitable for most truck and car limited slip differentials.

AnglomOil Transmission LS Gear Oils provide:
➢ Extra thermal stability and corrosion inhibition of the EP system limits corrosion of
copper containing bearings and bushings.
➢ Long gear life: due to the use of high-performance EP additives that control gear tooth
wear, even under the harshest conditions of high torque, low speed and shock loading.
➢ Corrosion protection: Protection is afforded by Transmission LS Gear Oils to copper
alloys under both wet and dry conditions. There is no interaction between these metals
and the special additives used in Transmission LS Gear Oils.
➢ Quiet, shudder free operation: special friction modifier systems provide excellent
lubricity characteristics for smooth, non-stick/slip engagement and disengagement of
friction elements.
➢ Anti-foam: The natural development of foam in transmission service is highly
undesirable because it promotes ineffective gear lubrication and premature wear.
Transmission LS Gear Oil contains highly effective anti-foam agents.


Use in limited slip differentials fitted to high performance vehicles, off road vehicles and some trucks.


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