AnglomOil Automatic Transmission DX3 ATF 20L

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Auto Transmission Type DX-3 is a multi-purpose automatic transmission fluid meeting the
requirements of the General Motors Dexron III specification and many other industrial,
automotive, mobile and marine applications.

The benefits of AnglomOil Auto Transmission Type DX-3 are:
➢ Retains friction characteristics for consistent vehicle shift quality
➢ Extends oxidation resistance even at high operating temperatures
➢ Maintains system cleanliness and freedom from sludge and varnish deposits
➢ Maintains anti-wear protection and corrosion resistance for long service life of transmissions, high pressure hydraulic systems, vane pumps and power steering systems


Auto Transmission Type DX-3 is recommended for use in the following applications:
➢ Passenger car automatic transmissions and power steering
➢ Commercial vehicle automotive transmission and power steering
➢ Off-highway transfer cases
➢ Hydraulics

General Motors Dexron
Ford Mercon
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Toyota T Fluid
Allison C4

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