RPG Carbon

Order Handling Time / Delivery / Local Pick Up

- All RPG Carbon products are made to order to guarantee the freshness of carbon and fiberglass quality with variety of options provided as brand uniqueness (FRP finish color, carbon weave pattern, pre-weaving, clear coating finish... custom inquiring welcome)


- The production procedure usually runs about 10 working days for small item order. Large item / Multi-items Order will take longer. Please check with us for correct lead time before placing order. Actual production time may varies due to numerous order list that cause delay on completion. RPG Carbon always fight and try the best to fast processing your precious orders. Shipment Tracking Number will be update by our system through ordered email address.


Quality of Carbon / Fiberglass Product

We use all different production procedure and progress among all RPG products.

- Product made with one-piece Carbon sheet

- Product made with multi-pieces Carbon sheets

- Carbon sheet wrapped around the skeleton

- Carbon sheet integrated into the mold

- Fiberglass material are Pre-Weaved


It depends not only on the product but relate to the options of your preference. We integrate and make sure we brought to you with the best finish product possible. All Carbon products use clear coat finish. Clear coats are shiny and durable, and they give you the nice “wet” look as opposed to a duller look from gel coats. All products are made to order to fulfill different requirement and guarantee the freshness of the materials as company target and uniqueness.



As a precaution, all parts should be pre-fitted and tested with visual inspection before making any kind of modification(cutting/ painting/ sanding.) or apply adhesive.


We strongly recommend having an expert install your purchased RPG Carbon Products. The installer should have experience working with carbon fiber and fiberglass. Make sure that your installer is familiar with these materials for best possible fitment.



All RPG Carbon Products are hand-made. Not one product will be identical to another. The installation process is same but not identical every time.


Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass products are handmade using a molding method that may not be able to achieve same thickness during the production process. As a result, filling and sanding of your carbon fiber components in certain areas may be required. This is a normal product characteristic.


Minor modification to your vehicle may be necessary as part of the normal installation process.



Carbon fiber product is durable and strict, but still needs care and maintenance to stay in condition. More specifically, keep the products clean, minimize exposure to the sun, and wax when necessary.


Carbon Weave Pattern

1 x 1 Plain Weave

Plain Weave, also known as plain weave. Its over-under pattern is the pretty standard pattern. Not the strongest of weave but is solid. Easiest to handle without making the fibers on the ends too messed up. Other weaves fall part incredibly fast, but make up for this is some cool patterns and more strength in the direction of the weave. It is the tightest weave. RPG Carbon’s products are made standard with this pattern, unless otherwise select in product option.



2 x 2 Twill Weave

This pattern has grown immensely in popularity. It represents the diagonals that are synchronized. Is braid over-over-under-under. Most popular pattern that many carbon fiber factories use to make details. This pattern is elastic and it is good for use with complex shapes because its weave is looser. Some believe twill weave is easier to work with than straight weave. This is partially true as the weave is not as tightly woven as with straight weave fabric. However, twill weave can be easily distorted because of its complexity.



12K 10 x 10 Plain Weave

Take Plain Weave Carbon to the Next Level. This brawny, 12K carbon fiber is a bold, hardworking version of traditional plain weave, with every thick yarn of fabric like a glossy brush stroke. Its high-contrast surface features both brilliant highlights and contrasting deep, dark shadows. Perfect for the fender, hood and trunk.



3K 12x18 HoneyComb Weave

Add a Honeycomb Look to Carbon Fiber. This hexagon pattern almost slithers across the fabric surface like a reptile, lending itself to a variety of interesting applications. Patterned styles, like this interlocking honeycomb, not only create a unique look, but help to maximize the inherent strength properties of the carbon fibers from which they're made. Its pattern will not affect the ultimate tensile strength or stiffness.



Kevlar / Carbon Hybrid (Yellow) Weave

Impact Resistance and Carbon Strength Combined. By combining the properties of both materials in each layer, this fabric delivers a high strength-to-weight ratio, high conformability, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, and fatigue resistance.



FRP Finish Color

Available in your selection of painted "Primer White" or "Primer Black" for your purchase made for FRP product.





Inside Laid with Pre-Weaving Fiber

For certain product, the backside(inside in this case) is presented with fiberglass finish. Fiberglass are work as skeleton support of carbon fiber layers. Please see the upper picture below for example. With option of "Inside Laid with Pre-Weaving Fiber" which will cover the fiberglass skeleton from exposure. Pre-weaving fiber are shown in the bottom picture below.



Clear Coating

Carbon Fiber clear coating is available in your preference of Matte (Upper Picture) or Gloss (Lower Picture) finish.


Pre-Installed Mesh Grill

Install Mesh Grill at Hood Soop opening or Air Flow Ducting Area during Production. With Mesh Grill Option (Upper Picture) / Without Mesh Grill Option (Lower Picture)