Why build a website and not just focus on your racing?

Why build a website and not just focus on your racing?

We started as a simple like page sharing photos of our race car, to now gaining a decent following and online store.  

Why the website?  
Social media followers and empty promises just don’t cut it anymore. The reason why most companies get involved and sponsor a a car, person or brand is to “hopefully” increase their reach and convert that reach into sales. But this is not always the case. The loyalty can stop at the person that they are following and doesn’t always trickle down to the companies that are supplying parts or handing over their hard-earned money. Not to mention the down time between seasons, rebuilds and so on when content drops off. 
I wanted a solution that can give back to my sponsors regularly, capturing my loyal followers and boosting sales for my sponsors. After all, that is why they came on board? 
My website has been currently operating for just over a week and is in the top 13% of online stores that were launched the same week as I was. I’m getting sales from all over Australia, the UK, Canada and the US. I'm really enjoying being able to support and give another avenue for my followers to help support what I do. 
The more support that I receive from the website, the better the content will be and the more that I can help and inspire others to do the same. 
I'm extremely thankful for all of the positive comments and support since going live. 
I will do my best to try and make a monthly blog post that will be seperate from all content on my social media. Giving you a chance to see it here first and have a look around on the page while you are here. 

I look forward to seeing where this takes T2R.

Thanks to our sponsors

Kustom Shop
Shan Motorsports
Intima Brakes
DVS Tuning
Boosted Performance Parts
Boxer Beauty
Pro Speed Racing
Tarmac Apparel
Boxer Beauty
Gladstone St Mechanical

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