Stay Safe, Be Kind

Stay Safe, Be Kind

As soon as I upload one blog post, I start writing the other. This keeps me motivated and allows me to come back to it over the course of the two weeks (although I’m 5 days late with this one). As I mentioned before, my head works way too fast for my own good and 1000 different ideas have flooded my mind over those two weeks! 
As you may have seen we tested fitted our front splitter on the 2nd of August. The splitter and the car had not seen each other since they were mocked up for measurements and I was absolutely stoked to see that the hours of drawing and CAD mock up paid off. It is a simple quick release design and will be adaptable to a wide range of cars and will be looking to get some mocked up of the GD chassis next. There will be more info come up about these over the coming weeks, including specs and adjustments to meet class specs etc. The air dam between the front bar and splitter was definitely the most time consuming and is now finished.

As you may have seen our product range is expanding. We are also working on some items in the back ground to add to this. We are simply looking for items that are not in the Australian market, allowing for faster processing and ease of purchasing.  

I’m all for suggestions and my email Is always open to discuss product development, items you may have seen etc.  

On track we have received notification that RND 5 of the Interclub super sprint series has been postponed until October due to the current lockdown restrictions that a number of Sydney LGA’s are facing. Unfortunately, also a track day that we had booked in is also canceled and more postponements of other events. But for once, the car might be ready to go well before an event. It is currently sitting on jack stands and I need to replace the rear wheel bearings (typical Subaru).  

I like most people in the state of NSW, am looking forward to the lockdowns to be over. It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you sit on. It is important people stay safe. I can only imagine the impact that this is having on people’s businesses, employment, personal life and mental state. It is really important that we show patience and understanding to one another irrespective of people's views. Some people are extremely lucky that their industries remain untouched by the lockdown and to them it is purely a restriction in movement. Others are unable to earn an income and face extreme uncertainty and I think that most would agree that would be horrible to anyone who has lived in a country like ours when in general, our standard of living is rarely compromised. Not knowing if you will be able to continue to support your family, feed them, pay your mortgage or rent, car payments or any other overheads. This would simply be frightening and I feel for these people. If anyone at all needs support in these times, please reach out. I’m hoping that we can see the end of the tunnel soon! 

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