Stitch Boots WRX/STI Premium Alcantara Suede with Red Stitching Shift Boot

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Made to order with Authentic Alcantara suede. Brackets are not included, please reuse your oem brackets.

Black Alcantara with Red Stitching

If you would like a different colour combo, please get in touch with us and we can organise it for you. 

Product Images are for LHD vehicles, but this is an order for RHD fitment.

While we have endeavored to ensure that fitment options are correct, if you leave your car model, year, and transmission in the order notes we can ensure correct fitment.

Application tip/trick-

  • Any glue will work, but our favorite for gluing fabric to plastic brackets is 3m black super weatherstrip and gasket adhesive. It can be purchased at any auto store or even amazon. Another good product is headliner/ upholstery spray adhesive.
  • Put a tiny bit of glue on a small section and hold with binder clips, working your way around the bracket.
  • Let the glue cure for 20 minutes before removing the clips. 

PLEASE NOTE: ALL PARTS ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY unless stock level indicated on product page.