STI Pink Spring Set for GR/GV

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ST20330ZR010 Rev:A~B       Front
ST20330ZR030 Rev:C~E MT Front
ST20380ZR020 Rev:A~B        Rear
ST20380ZR060 Rev:C~E MT Rear   

Rev A~B
Reinforced spring aimed at improving roll rigidity by increasing the spring rate and steering stability by lowering the center of gravity. In order to balance ride comfort and driving performance, the spring rate is 50 N/mm (about 5 kgf/mm) at the front and 40 N/mm (about 4 kgf/mm) at the rear. The vehicle height change is about -15mm for both front and rear.
Rev C~R
For Manual Transmission equipped cars only
In order to match with the stock damper installed as standard, the specifications are set by thoroughly repeating the driving test. The handling is finished without compromising ride comfort and increasing handling stability.
The roll reduction effect is reduced by about 10 mm compared to the standard model, and the silhouette of the WRX STI (GV/GR) is tightened to a sportier look.
This spring set will come with 2 front and 2 rear springs.

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