NPC FA20 Turbo 5MT (240mm Push Type) Heavy Duty Organic Clutch Kit

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NPC heavy-duty organic clutch kits are ideally suited for drivers that require as close to standard pedal feel as possible.

These kits start with a premium quality O.E (original equipment) clutch and pressure plate and modified to increase the clamp force to between approximately 20-40% above the standard specifications. Combining this increased clamp pressure with a full faced premium organic clutch plate the driver now has smooth engagement, excellent drivability, and performance and in most cases without any extra pedal effort.

Type: Heavy Duty Organic
Clutch Plate Dimension: 225×25.2×24 TEETH
Dual Mass Flywheel: N/A
Solid Flywheel: Not Included
Concentric Slave Cylinder: N/A
Spigot: Included
Aligning Tool: Included
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Release Year

2018 - 2022


FA20 2.0L Turbo 5 Speed - 240mm

Clutch Type

Heavy Duty Organic

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