Fuji Racing 14/12MM Cylinder Head Studs & Gaskets

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Designed for the ultimate in engine performance and reliability, Fuji Racings 14mm/12mm Head Stud Kit is a must have component for any EJ engine build where 450bhp+ power output is expected. It is essential to have the most reliable system for clamping the cylinder heads onto the block assembly to avoid the heads lifting under load at high levels of boost. The Fuji Racing 14/12mm Head Stud kit provides this peace of mind and cuts out the expense of cylinder head modification.

Unlike Standard gaskets, Fuji Racing Gaskets have the ”Folded stopper layer” this design reduces any chance of pressure leakage from the cylinders.
Along with the stopper layer, our gaskets also have a nitrile coating to help to seal against the block & cylinder faces
Our gaskets are also stamped from dies instead of laser-cut, this helps reduce variations between each head gasket during the manufacturing process
Our gaskets are designed to fit 11mm to 14mm head bolts/studs without the need of reeming the center gasket holes out.



Now used in many engine builds from fast road cars to full on Group A rally cars the Fuji Racing 14/12mm Head Stud Kit is used by many engine builders/tuners of today. Replacing the 11mm Subaru cylinder head bolts with our 14/12mm precisely manufactured super high tensile, aircraft grade S99 steel stud and nut system offers many advantages when building your engine. With a tensile strength much higher than that of the OEM bolts and the increased stability provided by the Fuji Racing studs larger diameter when further combined with the more uniform clamping force provided by the stud and nut arrangement it is clear why so many successful engines run these kits!

– Manufactured from certified S99
– Tensile strength between 180,000 and 210,000 psi ( MPa: 1230 – 1420 )
– Precision rolled threads
– Works with OEM size head gaskets
– Stud pitch into block m14x2

As with every FUJI Racing product; performance, precision, and aesthetics are just some of the key ingredients we focus on when developing new products.
Die Cutting gives you the finished edges for superior opposed to laser cut steel.
Designed to accept larger 12mm and 14mm cylinder head studs


Suitable for the following models:

  • All Subaru EJ Engines

If you are unsure of fitment or application then please contact us with your vehicles chassis number.



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