AnglomOil Transmission EP (Extreme Pressure) SAE 75W90 20L

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Transmission EP75W90 is a highly shear stable multigrade gear oil with modified load carrying additives to allow synchromesh cones to function effectively, resulting in smoother gear changes, and eliminating baulking. Use in manual gearboxes and differentials where a GL5 oil of SAE75W, 80W or 90 viscosity is specified. Especially beneficial for gear changing quality in 4 wheel drive vehicles, European and Japanese trucks.

Anglomoil Transmission EP Gear Oils provide:
Extra thermal stability. The high oxidation stability avoids the high temperature
degradation problems of ‘coked’ transmission synchroniser rings and obstructed oil
ways which reduce the flow of oil to gears and bearings.
Improved oil seal life. Premature oil seals failures due to high temperature are avoided,
thanks to the thermal stability of Transmission EP Gear Oils. Without this protection, oil
decomposition occurs and sludge and carbon can build up int the seal area. The oil
temperature at the seal under lip can be 20 - 30 ˚C higher than the bulk oil temperature,
causing catastrophic failure of the seal and eventually the gear unit. Seal problems have
always represented the number one complaint of transmission manufacturers.
Gear life. Transmission EP Gear oils provide long term durability and excellent protection
against pitting fatigue which is the ultimate cause of failure of most gears. Original
equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) recognise that lubricant protection against pitting is
a very desirable property for long transmission life. Field tests, laboratory spalling tests
and Power Divider Snap tests confirm the ability of Transmission EP gear oil to extend
gear life.
Corrosion protection. Protection is afforded by Transmission EP gear oil to copper alloys
under both we and dry conditions. There is no interaction between these metals and the
special additives used in Transmission EP Gear Oils.
Anti-foam. The natural development of foam in transmission service is highly
undesirable because it promotes ineffective gear lubrication and premature wear.
Transmission EP Gear Oil contains effective anti-foam agents.


European and Japanese vehicles with synchromesh gearboxes. Differentials where SAE 90, GL5 is specified. A Total Driveline Lubricant.

API GL5 US Military MIL-PRF-2105E

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