One month in, what next?

One month in, what next?

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For as long as I can remember I have found it hard to “sit still”, emotionally and physically.  
My mind is always racing, I’m always doing something, much to my wife’s disgust.  
I agree, sometimes I need to just slow down, take it all in and enjoy the little things, family, my son and my bulldogs.  
It is all about balance and I’m sure once the website has been operating for a little while it will become autonomous and I won’t have to work my ass off to get our name out. After all I want to give the best value possible to our sponsors and customers! 
I’m extremely grateful to new and existing supporters for liking, sharing and purchasing from Twenty20 Racing. Every little bit helps me deliver more products, support and content.  
Want to help but can’t splash the cash? Don’t worry, I completely understand that now more than ever we need to be saving it for a rainy day. But, anyone reading this, if they could like, share, comment, invite their friends to like our page, share our website, anything all would mean the world! 


What next? 
As the website starts to find its own feet, and hopefully soon these crazy lock downs start to wind up, it will give me a chance to finish some of the outstanding items on the car and get some testing done.   
We have had the car at our tuners (DVS Tuning) during the month of July and we were able to make a little more power and make some small improvements to cold start and some other areas of the tune. It did identify that the injectors (1000cc) are operating at approx. 96% duty cycle. With this we have been fortunate enough to bring on a new sponsor and will be installing 1500cc injectors in the coming months.  
This brings us to a bit of a fork in the road, as the car will need to hit the rollers again, do we go for a slightly larger frame turbo and external gate? My aim is to always maintain a reliable car and not just go for outright power. We currently make 240kw atw and this performs nicely lap time wise against other cars making much bigger power! Adding a 100kws doesn’t mean we will go faster. It only means that other items need to be improved, braking, aero, tires, suspension and driver! The balance of the car at the moment feels good and it is performing very well on track usually in the top 5 cars, and being fastest on track a number of times. What I would like to do is give some room for growth and a slight power increase giving us a little more straight-line speed.  
We are running the car at an open track day on the 14th of August at Pheasants Wood. Looking forward to seeing how the car performs with a bunch of new changes.  

Until next fortnight.. 

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