Off the track

Off the track

Man, these two weeks fly by when I look back at the date of the last blog post and remembering my promise to keep up with them every two weeks.  
Well, like always lots of things have changed and the website is just exceeding my expectations.  
The support from followers new and old has just been fantastic and I can't wait to get the car back on track to keep pumping out content. Although it has allowed me to give a lot of time to the website, networking with manufacturers overseas and locally for some awesome ideas and plans that I have in the works. Even some colabs with some well know Subaru enthusiasts are on the cars.  

As you may have seen we have welcomed Fuji Racing, Nuke Performance, Kein and Dress Up Bolts to the T2R website and I have to thank all of our customers for the amazing support so far! The uptake has been amazing and makes it all worth it! (We have more coming). 
We have also during this time made a very big decision to go independent. What does this mean? 
We decided it was best to follow our own path and due to the success of the website it was important to give it the focus it deserves. I’m extremely thankful for past and present sponsors of the car and appreciate their support and help for getting me to this position. This will allow for a wider product range, competitive pricing and development.  

To the track, we have received notification that RND 5 of the interclub super sprint has been rescheduled until October 9. Let's hope that all of this chaos is settled and we can get back onto the track ASAP as it is been to long now! 

Again, stay safe, look after one another and be patient with one another. 

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